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More than 140 years of experience. Knowledge of your needs. Cooperation with the best professional trainers. All these make Herm Sprenger a leading company in producing dog training equipment. That is why professional obedience trainers choose Herm Sprenger chain collars.

With one of our chain collars you can do several things. Firstly, a chain dog collar helps keep your dog’s attention while walking at your side. Secondly, it delivers sharp correction when your dog behaves inappropriately or breaks away from the heel position.

We offer a large assortment of slip collars at our site.

Get the collar made of chrome plated steel, black stainless steel, brass if your dog has dark fur. For the light-furred dogs choose the Herm Sprenger collar from stainless steel or curogan. If your canine has sensitive skin, buy a curogan one.

You can find Herm Sprenger chain collars with short, medium sized and long links. Short link chain collars work well for dogs with short hair. For dogs with fine long fur consider one of long link chain collars. The medium sized link chain collar is suitable for both short- and long-haired breeds.

Browse through the collection of Herm Sprenger chain choke dog collars. Get a suitable device to tame your dog’s wild spirit.